Developing emergency plans & keeping them up to date.

Whether you are an individual, family or organization having an emergency plan could mean the difference between manageable disruptions and huge losses. Many people and organizations may not have the resources to have a full time emergency planner on hand at all times. That's where emergency plan consulting and long term maintainance touch ups come into play. 

For organizations, Continuity of Operations  Plans (COOP) & Emergency Operations Plans (EOP) are indispensable in making sure that your business can keep providing services and maintain profitability in the face of short or long term disruptions in operations. 

For individuals or families an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) or personal preparedness plan will be the tools that keep you and your loved ones safe and make sure your needs are met during any disaster or disruption of services.    

World Aware can help provide you with the tools that will empower you and your family or organization thrive during emergencies or disruptions in services.  We all know that needs change and new hazards develop and evolve. Along with developing a plan with you, World Aware can work with you to draft a long term maintainance plan to ensure your plan is up to date and functional as your needs change and as you grow!  Contact us for more info on how we can help meet your planning needs! 

Stay safe, stay aware, Be World Aware