September is National Preparedness Month! 

September 08 2014

With September being National Preparedness Month we should take some time to consider our own personal preparedness goals and steps we have taken to reach those goals.  Events like the recent earthquake in California serve as reminders of how vulnerable our communities and infrastructure are to various threats, including natural disasters.  Look at preparedness month as a jumpstart to your personal preparedness.  Start by formulating a emergency/disaster group contact list.  This should be comprised of a network of family and friends that could mutually assist each other in the event of an emergency.  The wonderful thing about having a network of people you can call on in an emergency is that it lessens the amount of material and equipment that one person or family has to keep on hand because it spreads the investment across a group.  When making a contact list be sure to include out of town contacts.  In the event of an emergency the phone systems in the effected area may be tied up and the out of town contact can serve as a way for everyone in the group to communicate on a system that isn't tied up and possibly leave messages for each other.  The next step is to begin to gather equipment and materials that would be beneficial to you during an emergency.  Each person in your group can focus on one aspect of preparedness in particular( like extended first aid or robust water purification, depending on their skill set and comfortability) but every member should have all the necessary items to function independently if needed.  World Aware's multi person emergency kits are perfect for families or groups of people who need all their bases covered.  These first few steps are a great way to get started and a great way to participate in National Preparedness Month.  Be Aware, Be World Aware.


The World Aware Team